2011-05-24 15:12:50 by aliatom54
Updated hing

Give it a like and become one of our first fans :D

I'm sorry I haven't being posting music lately, it's because of exams and such.
I will get back to posting again just give it a few weeks :)

Thank You :)

Tweet Tweet

2011-03-21 16:45:40 by aliatom54

I've just started up my twitter account if you'd like to follow me, I'l be posting updates
on all kinds of things including details on my songs. :)

My headphones broke in late 2010 so I havn't been able to make songs recently but I have a few that i'm going to upload soon in the following weeks. Get ready for some more AVS!

im doing alright

2009-02-20 12:31:33 by aliatom54

so I've uploaded some more songs with mixed reviews and the silence followed by great roar (extended) getting a 10 review. I can't believe it. Again thanks for the reviews.

So post number 1

2009-01-29 03:10:12 by aliatom54

So ive uploaded a few little things to newgrounds but iv'e being watching and listening for years but ive only now decided to upload myself. Its pretty cool watching your anim or song get reviews (thanks for the reviews!!). Maybe someday I might make a name for myself? Probably not eh?